2021 Audi TT

Recently we reported on a possible four-door version of the Ford Mustang coupe. Today it’s Audi’s turn, and in this case, it’s a lot more of a sure thing. The German car manufacturer’s next version of the Audi TT will feature four doors.

2021 Audi TT  Tail Light   Photo

2021 Audi TT Changes

This is quite a significant change for the car, a ground-breaking release when Audi initially presented it in 1998. Now, 20 years later, it will get the possibility to begin once again by switching from a coupe to a sedan.

From the company’s perspective, this was a move that had actually to be made if the TT is to make it through. Sales of coupes and convertibles are down in the essential markets targeted by Audi, namely Europe and North America. When it comes to that perpetually emerging market China, two-doors and convertibles have never captured on there like somewhere else. As an outcome, it would merely not have been rewarding to put out a fourth generation of the TT without making some substantial changes to its DNA.

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The question, in reality, is not if it will take place, but when. Those following the project closely think that the car could debut at dealers towards completion of 2020. It would take the basic type of the TT Sportback concept showcased at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.

2021 Audi TT Platform

The new TT will rest on an upgraded version of the MQB platform that already underpins the existing model. The latest edition will in the doing end up being an overwhelming competitor of the Mercedes-Benz CLA. We will in the process say bye-bye to the convertible variation.

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2021 Audi TT Debut

In all likelihood, we need to bank on Audi utilizing one or other of the vehicle shows coming up in the year as a springboard for production or a close-to-production version of the next TT. If we needed to bet, we ‘d say the Frankfurt show in 2019.

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