2021 BMW i5

BMW has actually revealed its i Vision Dynamics idea at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. This curved saloon previews a production electric car called the i5– predestined to be the 3rd model in BMW’s electric ‘i’ range after the i3 and i8. The production model is anticipated to show up in 2021.

2021 BMW i5  Front   Pictures

2021 BMW i5 Styling

The Vision Dynamics idea revealed at Frankfurt is thought to look like the completed i5. Its swoopy styling is similar to BMW’s other Gran Coupes and it appears to be roughly the exact same size as the company’s 3 Series. There’s a full-length sunroof on the principle, similar to the one on the X7 idea, and this would be an optional additional on the production model.

The headlights and brakelights will be reduced before it goes on sale, however are most likely to stay a similar shape. We also anticipate BMW’s signature ‘kidney’ grilles to change prior to production– they’ll probably be made smaller and more carefully look like traditional grilles.

2021 BMW i5  Interior High Resolution Image

2021 BMW i5 Interior

The interior is expected to borrow a lot of parts and the design from the i3, with upgraded technology and possibly a larger range of trim products. It’s most likely to continue the i3’s minimalist method, with a small digital screen replacing traditional analogue dials and a second floating screen to manage the infotainment and navigation. Headroom may not be as good as the boxier i3, although rear passengers will take advantage of enhanced leg and shoulder space.

2021 BMW i5 Engines and Driving

In theory, the electrical i5’s range might be as much as 375 miles, however that figure will be difficult to reproduce in the real world, with driving style, the environment and weather having a huge influence on that overall. BMW says the battery-electric powertrain is at the ‘next-level’ compared to the i3. It’s also believed that the car will have the ability to drive autonomously in some limited circumstances. Despite the i5’s green credentials, it needs to be able to speed up from 0-62mph in 4 seconds– about as quick as the recently exposed Audi RS4– and on to a top speed of 124mph.

2021 BMW i5  Top

2021 BMW i5 Price and Release Date

The production i5 is expected to be launched in 2021 and BMW is wanting to have 12 completely electric models prior to 2025. The brand-new model could cost from around ₤ 35,000 and rise up to around ₤ 50,000.

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