2021 Toyota Harrier

If you’re not acquainted with this nameplate, that is because you do not live in Japan. In spite of being a global leader, Toyota is a company that still has a large range of models developed mainly for the domestic market. The Harrier is one of these models. This mid-size crossover is readily available in Japan and a few more Asian nations and, regardless of Toyota badge, it is one glamorous vehicle. It came as an independent model in 2013, so the 2021 Toyota Harrier redesign seems natural.

2021 Toyota Harrier  Look High Resolution Photo

The Japanese carmaker usually practices 7-year production cycles for its models, so this one should not be outstanding. However, we are still waiting to hear something from the officials.

2021 Toyota Harrier Redesign

In spite of the lack of official confirmation, this redesign seems very most likely. Presumably, the 2021 Toyota Harrier will come with a full load of changes. Of course, the first thing that is in our minds in the platform. Much like the Highlander, this crossover still rides on an older-generation New MC platform.

For that reason, the upcoming overhaul will mean switching to a new TNGA platform, which currently underprints a waste bulk of Toyota’s unibody vehicle. Benefits from the new platform are apparent, so the 2021 Toyota Harrier will likewise come with considerable weight savings, much better efficiency, considerably much better handling, and driveability, etc.


Every redesign brings new aesthetics, so the 2021 Toyota Harrier will feature a new styling. Nevertheless, information is unidentified at this moment. An intriguing feature of the current-generation model is that it does not follow the company’s international design language. However, rather includes a pretty special styling approach.

It neither appears like the Highlander nor like the Lexus RX, although these three models have numerous things in common. Can we anticipate the same thing in the next-generation model, it is tough to state. In any case, new looks are guaranteed. In regards to size, anything; however, a couple of more inches in wheelbase would be a surprise.

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On the within, we anticipate seeing a new cabin. The current model looks quite elegant. It has plenty of high-quality products, while the control panel looks elegant. So, we should see the same thing in the 2021 Toyota Harrier, just with a lot more luxury and improvement. When it pertains to seating capacity, the new model will probably come standard with three rows of seats.

Lastly, we count on a full load of newest tech features, including Toyota’s new touchscreen and infotainment system, which are quicker, more instinctive and look much better. Also, count on smartphone integration, on goodies like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and so on.

2021 Toyota Harrier Engines

We believe that the 2021 Toyota Harrier will come with, a minimum of, two powertrain options in the deal. Most most likely, base models will continue with a familiar turbo-four engine. It is a 2.0-liter unit which provides around 235 horsepower in the present model. We might see a slight boost for this redesign.

Also, we depend on a hybrid version. Unlike the existing model that features a bit outdated system, the new one will most likely obtain the excellent hybrid system from Camry, which combines a 2.5-liter gasoline engine with electric motors and battery pack. This system delivers around 210 horsepower, but more significantly, it provides excellent mpg scores. While some reports also recommend a V6 option, we believe that this does not sound so most likely at the moment.

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2021 Toyota Harrier Release Date and Price

The next-generation 2021 Toyota Harrier will probably hit the market sometime in the second half of next year. When it pertains to the cost, it is still early to speak about information. Again, we presume that the beginning rate will not be much different compared to the current model, which walks around $40,000.